Stories of Change

Stories of Change are testimonials that are meant to illustrate the broad spectrum of experience and transformation that real people have undergone working with me through Ayurveda. My hope is that these stories help to answer some of your questions, ease your fears, and inspire you in your own story of change.

Caroline, Colorado

I first came to Madison for Ayurvedic work in my mid-20’s because I had stopped taking contraception a year prior and still had not experienced a menstrual cycle. I was concerned that I would not be able to get pregnant when I wanted to because there was an imbalance in my system. Madison prescribed herbal jam and some specific foods to add to my meals. During my first consultation, we also discussed my emotions/thoughts around not having a menstrual cycle and worries about infertility. Within a few weeks, I had my first period in 4 years! It felt great that my body was back in its natural rhythm.

From there, I began to explore what else Ayurveda could do for my body, mind, and spirit – and it has truly been life changing. Based on my constitution and different ailments that come up, I can adjust my lifestyle or consult Madison about other treatments. I enjoy cooking Ayurvedically and giving myself abhyangas (oil self-massages). I feel like I am living more in line with nature and with my body’s natural rhythms. Now that I understand why my body reacts in certain ways, I can make little adjustments to my everyday life to become more balanced.

I also love incorporating Ayurvedic principles into my family life to keep my loved ones happy and healthy. For example, my daughter tends towards similar imbalances as I do, so I make sure to add healthy oils to her foods and give her oil massages before bath time. I feel like I am giving her the best possible start to a healthy life.

Working with Madison and learning about Ayurveda has been an empowering experience.

Ayurveda feels like coming home to yourself embraced in the loving arms of nature.

Joel, California

 I’ve had kidney/renal issues for the past 20 years. When I first learned about these issues, I researched them and learned that the best way to support good kidney function was to eat mostly plant-based foods as the kidneys have to work harder to process meat protein.

Over a year ago and with your encouragement I changed to an almost total vegetarian diet (I still eat eggs every now and then).  I switched because when I had my physical in October of 2019, my blood creatinine level, which measures how well my kidneys function, was the highest it had ever been.  Normal range for me for creatinine is from .70 to 1.18.  In October of 2019 it was 1.47.  

Last month, I had my 2020 physical exam and annual pre-exam blood test.  My creatinine level was 1.16, down from 1.47 the previous year.  I was ecstatic that and amazed at the huge improvement, not just in my creatinine level, in all my other blood markers toothey were all in the normal range.  Not one had a “warning” highlight.  But to reduce my creatinine level by over 30 points and back into normal range was beyond my wildest expectations.

I’ve also been taking your advice over the past year.  You have advised and provided Ayurvedic supplements and herbal teas for renal support and healing.  So, although I attribute some of my improvement to a vegetarian diet, I attribute much of the improvement to the Ayurvedic supplements, herbal teas, and oils. Thank you!

Lisa R., California

As a longtime Iyengar practitioner and a nutritionist myself, I felt I was doing “everything right,” and yet my severe digestive issues persisted. I did everything I knew but I feared I was losing the battle. I have managed my diet on my own for the last decade, occasionally seeking help from functional medicine practitioners (who often encouraged me to take supplements that made me feel terrible) and acupuncturists who were often surprised by how depleted I was, urging me to rest but offering little other insight.

I took things out of my diet that triggered symptoms, a list that grew constantly, but despite my best efforts my digestive system continued to struggle and my energy levels took a nosedive. By the time I found myself under Madison’s care I was in pain daily, unable to digest most everything and so exhausted I felt I needed to go back to bed as soon as I woke up. Her grounding presence and conviction in Ayurveda gave me hope. I trusted her and felt ready to abandon what I thought I knew for a different approach to wellness.

The most profound difference in my mind between Ayurveda and every other wellness ideology is that it addresses the constitution of the person, not only is this food nutritious but can this person absorb this food and turn it into energy. My diet was positively health blog worthy before meeting Madison and my bones hurt, my muscles ached, I was exhausted and anxious and constantly holding my abdomen from the pain.

It has been a few months now and I have followed her protocol carefully. The results speak for themselves. My energy is back. My diet remains simple, but I enjoy the food I prepare and most importantly, I can digest it. I wake up energized. I feel grounded. I feel that I am in harmony with myself once again. I am able to do rigorous two hour practices daily and to teach classes full time. I am without doubt a better partner, and a better teacher. I am extremely grateful to Madison for her educated and kind, clear guidance these past few months.

Marilen Morales, Wichita, KS

After finishing chemo five years ago, my body underwent many drastic changes. Lingering after-effects created all kinds of imbalances in my body, especially in my digestive and urinary systems. I continually puzzled doctors, who did not know how to help me, and who one-by-one began to give up on me.

When I met Madison, I was desperate and pretty much broken. From day one, Madison treated me with compassion, understanding, attentiveness, and care. Since my preconditions demanded a deeper detoxification, Madison suggested Panchakarma, which I did from home. The process was challenging and demanding, but worth every effort. Madison was present for me (via Zoom or texts) every day of the process. During the several weeks of ayurvedic treatment, she patiently and insightfully taught me what and how to eat for my dosha and to incorporate ayurvedic herbs, teas and supplements, how to prevent and treat unbalanced symptoms, how to release toxins from my body, and to cook sattvic food which consequently made me lose weight.

As a holistic approach, Ayurveda also aims to treat the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Madison’s encouragement to do yoga, meditation, reflective writing, soul searching, reiki … among others, were key in the process of healing. After following all her recommendations, the effects were extraordinary, all the urinary symptoms and problems disappeared or drastically subsided, I feel balanced, energetic, I look younger and more radiant, and I feel much lighter, clearer, and happier than I have been in years.

I am so grateful to Madison for helping and believing in me when no one else did.

Anahita, California

Madison is a born nurturer. Her emotional intelligence gives her the know how to tap into her patients psyche and help them understand the root cause of their issue. She is knowledgeable  in understanding the feminine energy and assigning the right healing methods as well as self-care to guide her patience. I have done Pancha Karma with her twice and have loved her hot oil massage many times. She is truly gifted in the art of Ayurveda. You are in good hands with Madison.

Jolynne and her mother, Esperanza, California

My energy has increased since I began working with Madison. I had already been working to live ayurvedically, under the guidance of a professional, for a few years so I knew the basics, but now the changes I need to make are the more difficult ones for me. Madison has a way to make the changes needed seem easy. I’m feeling more confident I can indeed overcome these more difficult lifestyle changes I need to make. I enjoy talking with her.

Madison is easy to talk to. I’m over 80 and I didn’t think I could understand everything I would need to do, nor if I would want to change anything. I saw the benefit ayurveda has made for my daughter. I have a lot of issues so I knew I could use the help. I noticed within a month that my diabetes was already more stable. That’s amazing. I love my self-oiling.

David, Colorado

I took my first Yoga class in 2011, learning some moves and stretches that I’ve incorporated into my regular at-home workouts ever since. During the last decade, while becoming familiar with Ayurveda through Madison, I’ve been able to utilize a customized combination of both disciplines to maintain a consistently stabilized state of emotional, mental and physical well-being. It hasn’t involved anything too strict or drastic, but a range of little adjustments in my life – such as breathing correctly, developing meditative techniques, consistently eating certain foods and supplementing them with special spices and herbs – have become habit.

…And now, approaching age 70, I feel that I’m healthier overall than I’ve ever been. I must be doing something right!


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