A Couple Of My Favorite Holiday Recipes

Ayurvedic Cooking recipes - food concept with rosemary herb and salt-pepper spice

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Whatsapp THE BEST ROSEMARY GRAVY “Gheegan” This super easy and absolutely scrumptious gravy recipe is one of the all- time favorites of my friends, family and clients! Serve over anything that you’d traditionally pour gravy on top of: mashed potatoes, shepherd’s pie, biscuits, dressing, and other traditional holiday delights. It’s fantastic […]

A Western Mind’s Journey into the Eastern Wisdom of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Solutions and Herbal treatment concept with pomegrante flower, rosemary, ginger and golden rod, slidage,

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Whatsapp I first bumped into Ayurveda in a tiny mountain village in the Pyrenees, where only three people live all year long. Vio (Spain) is a pretty unexpected place to learn about this 5.000 year old traditional Indian medicine, for sure. But Casa Cuadrau, the meditation and yoga facility where I […]

Ayurvedic Wisdom for the Climate Crisis

Ayurveda sustainability

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Whatsapp Ayurveda doesn’t apply only to medicine. It has also a lot to offer about the way we treat the environment. Even though Ayurveda uses some products like ghee (clarified butter) in a medicinal way, it encourages people to be aware of what they consume, how much and where it comes […]