What is Ayurveda?

An all-natural approach to health that deals with the root-cause.

Ayur (meaning “life”) veda (meaning “science) translates to the science of life. It is thought to be the longest continuously practiced system of health on the planet, with roots in ancient India. With the belief that all medicines can be found in nature, Ayurveda functions with the knowledge that the human body is also inseparable from it. Filling in many of the gaps of modern medicine, Ayurveda can be used together with, or separate from, allopathic approaches. I integrate a combination of the following to create customized protocols for each of my clients.

ayurveda icon health counseling

Health Counseling

Say goodbye to 7 minute office visits. Your health is the prerequisite to the rest of your life, and deserves thorough time and attention. I conduct an in-depth Ayurvedic assessment that seeks to understand the complexity and causative factors of your condition.

I specialize in helping people make the needed changes, mentally and physically, to truly heal and thrive through on-going counseling that address key factors like diet, lifestyle, and mind-body practices.

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Herbal Remedies

Ayurveda utilizes time-tested and highly sophisticated botanical and herbo-mineral formulations to support your body’s processes. Using both traditional formulations and custom crafted “teas,” I source herbs from the highest quality manufacturers.

Herbal remedies come in various forms – teas, tablets, herbal oils and delicious herbal jams. They support the body to detoxify and rejuvenate, as well as target specific tissues and organ systems.

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Self-Care and Education

With so much contradicting health and diet information out there, understanding your own system is fundamental.

My goal is to help you get to a place where your diet and lifestyle sustain your health without the need for external remedies or regular visits.

Your will learn about your body’s physiology, the mind-gut connection, how to use food as medicine, your stress-response, and other self-care practices that will empower and radically change your life.

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Body Therapies

Ayurveda’s body therapies are one-of-a-kind. Uniquely suited to the individual, I offer 13 different traditional therapies including Abhyanga (warm herbal oil massage), Swedena (herbal steam bath), Pinda Swedena (massage using hot herbal poultices), and Marma Therapy (massage using vital points called marma points).

I offer individual therapies, therapy packages and extended 3-14 day personal retreats. Ayurveda’s body therapies are some of the most relaxing and rejuvenating practices in the world.

Pricing and Packages

Virtual and In-Person Consultations. 
Clinic is located in the Windsor Park Neighborhood in Austin, Texas.
Address will be sent upon booking.

Body Therapies

Offered to active clients as recommended through initial and follow-up consultations.

Recommended therapies may include: 
Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Swedena, Marma Therapy, Udvartana, Nasya, Basti, Virechena

*Please inquire for more detail about hands-on therapies


The Jumpstart

Madison Ayurvedic Consultation

Let’s get started with an Initial Consultation and two pre-scheduled 1-hour follow-up visits. Includes a custom herbal formulation and food plan. This will give you the support you need to make a sizable shift, and get a feel for how the Ayurvedic approach works for you. A motion of commitment at the beginning can make a big difference.

$350 (save $75)
+ includes your first herbal formulation

Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Makeover Holistic Healing Foods

Give yourself and your kitchen some healing restoration! After an Ayurveda consultation and a journey into your kitchen (refrigerator, cutlery, pantry and spice cabinet), we will toss what’s no longer serving you, and take a trip to the grocery store together. Plus, receive personalized recipes and a private cooking class in your newly-stocked healing kitchen!

$500 + cost of groceries

365 Transform

Historically, my most successful clients are those who have committed to one-year of regular Ayurvedic care. We will start with an Initial Consultation. Then we will plan to meet monthly for one year (eleven 1-hour consultations or therapies). If more regular appointments are needed, all extra appointments are offered at a discount of 20%.

$1,350 (save $200)
Includes your first herbal formulation

*Ayurveda is not a licensed medical modality in the United States. It is considered as a Complementary and Alternative Health Practice. Therefore, it is not covered by medical insurance. Some policies will allow you to pay with flexible spending health accounts. Otherwise, payments are due in full paid directly to LiveWise Ayurveda.

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